Nisi Island Ring on hand in front of other rings from TVRRINI

How the Nisi Island Ring was born

To close the chapter of 2022, here we shine a light on Nisi Island Rings. Organic textures convey rugged landscapes that inspire us with a sense of fragility and strength at the same time. Each one is crafted by hand in 18K rose gold with gemstones, including lapis lazuli and gold-sheen sapphire, mounted inhouse. 


Nisi Island Ring in 18K Rose Gold with textured details.

Early memory

Retellings of Pompeii entered my history classes in primary school. When I was perhaps too young to envision how catastrophic a single event could be for those lives, my teacher described civilians being caught off guard and unable to escape the eruption. They got smothered, leaving all their possessions to natural forces. 

Seeing photographs of the remnants, I've wondered about what was trapped in the ash and left behind for future societies to unearth. 

At a different time, there was a colossal eruption impacted the island of Thera, allegedly where Greek philosopher Plato used as the setting for Atlantis. 

It is historical events like these that made us want to explore the shapes of artefacts -- ones that could have been found on the Aegean island of Thera. We thought it was possible to imagine a resemblance to vases and mosaics, thus, inspiring the Nisi series. 

18K rose gold lapis lazuli and ruby ring
A Nisi Island Ring featuring Lapis Lazuli and Ruby.

Sculpting forms

The design of Nisi Island Rings just came about by linking the rugged landscape of Greek islands to that legend. Each one features a centre stone (either rose-cut faceted lapis lazuli or gold-sheen sapphire), an accent stone, and another stone hidden underneath the main setting. 

Although a collection usually begins with sketches in pencil, TVRRINI skipped the drawing stage and instead went ahead to sculpt jewellery wax on the stones directly. Doing this gives each piece a handmade feeling that is so central to our brand.

18K rose gold rings from the Nisi series of Thera collection at the TVRRINI jewellery workshop
A group of Nisi Island Ring mounts crafted from 18K Rose Gold ready for stone setting at a bench in the jewellery studio of TVRRINI
Back side of Nisi Island Ring with hidden gem
Adjacent images of the Nisi Island Ring in production, before gemstone setting, and the finished jewellery

Refinement and finishing

When we are happy with the way the rings look and feel during quality checks, we transform them into 18K rose gold through lost-wax casting. The gold components are given further polishing by hand before we set gemstones into them securely.

It's a delightful gift for those who want an unusual statement matching their stylish look. At once elegant and organic, the design reflects a curiousity for stories, including legends about ancient volcanic lands. 

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