Mystical Visions in the Regal Fantasy Collection

Mystical Visions in the Regal Fantasy Collection

The Regal Fantasy collection depicts the spectrum of pure fancy and deep secrets; it is a spectrum that one drifts across from needing to desiring on a perpetual basis. 

We visualise this collection in collaboration with the young artist Katerina Spinos, who has illustrated scenes of the jewellery in made-up worlds.  



 We believe that one's hunger for capturing their dreams and reflecting the energies around them can lead to surprising paths. As we journey through experiences both small and life-changing, they reveal parts of us that are closed and unsure. Whatever the character or situation that we encounter, they can be strange, at times seemingly unlikely to happen in nature, and potentially ambiguous.

Katerina Spinos illustrates the Lovebook Earrings  

Imagination is one of our favourite hobbies in daily life. In the Regal Fantasy collection, characters in the form of sculptural pieces link into a narrative in which the wearer can alter how they choose. A kaleidoscope of stones and metal forms -- we invite you to place your own meaning into the collection. Worn with confidence, the jewellery has genuine statement power.


Q&A with the people of Tvrrini on Regal Fantasy

 Cherub Pendant Illustration


What factors inspired the creation of the Regal Fantasy collection?
BIBIANNA: In the fast-moving world today, sometimes life is too "realistic" and there is no room to have a break, to think about fantasy. We created Regal Fantasy wanting to let our imagination fly by creating different characters and stories, in order to give a new breath of life. You may find yourself in each character, and we would love to develop this story in the future, to have many more personas coming up.
Snake's Kiss
Is there a particular factor regarding the neo-classical design of this collection that you feel represents TVRRINI?
Tvrrini is a storytelling brand, and the only way we could truly show its character is through sculpting. You cannot tell the visual and emotional story in quite the same way through computerised procedures. The collection needed that organic touch. We wanted to base the aesthetic on feeling the artisan's hands working through clay, carefully defining each detail, with elements of pre-Renaissance refinement. 
Florence Italy
In what ways do you think that your cultural heritage and upbringing manifests itself in your jewellery design?
BIBIANNA: Growing up in British-colonised Hong Kong, I had many Western influences, but in my mind, I had always wanted to truly explore original British art in its origin. At the age of 21, I finally had the opportunity to go to the UK to learn about jewellery design and manufacturing. In the most absorbent time of my life, the European arts planted itself deeply into my creative world, while the freedom of designing, taught by many remarkable professors and cultures, became a part of me. The curves I use and the styles I pick up are always modern-classical; classical being very heavy with many spirals. It's very intricate, sometimes too heavy. But, I love those patterns, so I can simplify them to make them more understandable for modern life. 
KATERINA: My childhood in Hong Kong during the 2000s was very different from my mother's. I've had so much influence from an Asian-European heritage--being multilingual, celebrating different festivals and exploring artistic styles--which are inseparable from our spirit. Being curious about other cultures drives our ideas forward.
Hands wearing Regal Fantasy Bracelet and Arched Metals Bangle (pre-order)
 What role do you think jewellery should play in people's lives?
BIBIANNA: I don't agree with the people who say that jewellery is only a luxury good and has no function in life. I see jewellery as I see perfume; it boosts your self-confidence to make you feel good throughout the day, and to receive admiring eyes; sometimes pure feelings and psychological state affects one deeper than furniture or cars. This can improve one's productivity in one's life. It's invaluable. If TVRRINI can create this invaluable feeling for our audience, we feel that we've contributed something to society. 
KATERINA: I see the body as a canvas, meant to be adorned with jewellery that enables someone's confidence to radiate through. Jewellery makes a statement. It immediately catches the eye, not just because of the materials; also in the way that person interacts with it on themselves. 
Mischief Fairy Pendant
How would you describe your creative philosophy?
BIBIANNA: We are ourselves, but a lot of the time we want to not be ourselves and explore what we do not know about ourselves. If you are willing to first step outside, you will be amazed at yourself for those new areas which you explore, and become successful as a result. Then, you can slowly adjust--keeping some of the old and developing them as new interpretations. 
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