Introducing the Orchidae Collection - Inspired by nature

The Orchidae Collection is Here

The orchid is a species best known for its vibrant shapes and colours. It thrives in tropical climates, and holds significance in Southeast Asian cultures. Historically, the term orchidae has roots in ancient Greek, and sensual, the flower continues to be associated with fertility, growth, and creativity. 

At TVRRINI, we have also been reading about the flower's importance as a symbol of giving life to ideas, happiness, and creativity.  As we pondered over what nature can bring us in ideas, the first ideas for Orchidae were born. 

Making of Orchidae


From ideas on paper to the finishing touches, the series of organic, artistic designs took shape. For this collection, we intended to express the lines of growth by focusing on the orchid's textured surfaces. The popular moth orchid variety, known for its almost fuchsia pinks, can be seen in pink sapphires selected for the centre stone. Tahitian pearls with signature carvings also feature in each design.

The obstacles of these last ten months have culminated into deep reflection, grounding in our thoughts, and reaching out to what feels pleasurable. With the Orchidae Collection, each design has been inspired by this particular exotic flower to spur your own inspirations forward. 


If you would like to view the collection in more detail, you can get in touch with us to receive further images by email. Alternatively, you may arrange for a video consultation with our designers.

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