TVRRINI unveils Thera, a collection inspired by Greek mythology

Divided into three series--Kara, Lava, and Nisi-- Thera is a sophisticated collection made from rose gold and colourful gemstones, designed for us to wonder through fiction and modern lifestyles.

Kara Pendant with Purple Chalcedony set in 18K Rose Gold

For our latest collection, we got inspired by Atlantis, the lost city. Its mythology has stuck in Western culture for thousands of years to tell a story of humanity's flaws and still inspires artists around the world. 

Plato's descriptions of Atlantis in Timaeus suggest that the city was built in Thera, the ancient name of Santorini. In the story, people lived under rule by distant gods, their activities conformed to ideals that were present across Greek society in 2,000 BC.

Lava pendant

(Right) Lava Pendant II with Turquoise and Garnet set in 18K Rose Gold

Yet, the people broke free from these stifling rules once they found alternatives. The gods, deciding to punish this human behaviour, created an earthquake that wrecked immense damage to the entire city. Lost beneath the waves, the city and all its artefacts faced a murky future. 

Going back twenty years, we visited islands around Greece and became fascinated by the laid-back island life, the rugged landscapes, and rich arts. Santorini, Zakynthos, and Athens were a few places we felt had lasting impressions. 

A sense of humans connecting to nature can be found in Plato's myth and the Greek islands alike.

No one has been able to pinpoint when and where Atlantis' fate happened, although we can see how the story highlights that a "perfect" standard is unreachable.

We wanted to experiment with a bigger collection than before, one that would be bold yet versatile to wear. 

Nisi Island Rings in a choice of Lapis Lazuli or Gold-sheen Sapphire

Nisi Pebble Earring Charms with various gemstones (hooks separate)

Thera Collection divided into three series:

i) Kara is all about the illusion of fruits that are freshly picked from a harvest. The name translates from the Greek word for "joy" and symbolises the hope that new seasons bring, the constant cycle of life. Shop the Kara series

ii) Lava interprets the volcanic eruption that resulted in the formation of Thera, which is now called Santorini. Featuring turquoise slices and faceted garnets, each piece brings fiery accents to give a sparkle to your eyes.

iii) Nisi, which means "island" in Greek, is based on the shape of islands, vessels, and pebbles. Angular and organic shapes meet. Designed for elegant and versatile styling, you can turn the pendants to show different sides and secure the earrings with alternate faces as you feel.  

(Right) Kara Pendant with Freshwater Pearl set in 18K Rose Gold and
Kara Pendant with Oval Cabochon Peach Moonstone set in 18K Rose Gold

Each design is handmade by us in our studio. We invite you to notice the details that are visible in this growing collection of charming, imperfect accessories.

Discover beautiful gifts from our Thera Collection here. For more information on specific pieces or delivery, you are welcome to contact us by email:

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