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Kara Pendant with Freshwater Pearl set in 18K Rose Gold

Kara Pendant with Freshwater Pearl set in 18K Rose Gold

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Designer notes

This pendant features a semi-round white Freshwater Pearl framed in 18K Rose Gold.

We craft gold to fit exactly on the gemstone. As if it were fruit emerging from a branch, the organic forms are accentuated by a satin polish on the metal. Wear this pendant alone on a chain or consider layering it with your favourite charms. 

The Kara series is named after the Greek word for "joy" and part of a larger collection Thera based on the city of Atlantis as described by the philosopher Plato. Each design captures the sense of a ripe harvest after the city sinks into oblivion. With our goldsmithing expertise, we select gemstones and let the shapes speak for themselves for a range that feels sensual and elegant.


  • Product code: TH-K-P-995-RG
  • Pearl size: 13.5mm (height) x 12.4mm (width)
  • Pendant size: 21.5mm (height) x 12.4mm (width)

    Prices exclude chains.

    Please note, each stone is completely unique and shaped by hand, so they may vary in shape and size. 

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