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  • Editorial photography of THP985RG Kara Pendant with Purple Chalcedony set in 18K Rose Gold
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Kara Pendant with Purple Chalcedony set in 18K Rose Gold

Regular price $380.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $380.00 USD


Chalcedony size:
14mm in height
16mm in length

Pendant size:
23.3mm in height
16mm in length
8mm in width


Designer notes

The Kara series gives the sense of fruits in abundance. There are fifteen unique pendants under Kara, which means "joy" in Greek, with an aesthetic defined as organic luxury. With sculpted precision, we use metal to emphasise the shapes of colourful gemstones, resulting in an orchard of curiosities. This series is part of a larger collection, Thera, in which our jewellery retells the ancient story of kingdoms lost to the force of nature.

Each pendant is made with 18K rose gold fit exactly on the gem.

Please note, each stone is completely unique and shaped by hand, so they may vary in shape and size. Prices exclude chains.

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