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5 jewellery book choices by Bibi, creative director of TVRRINI

Turning to books written by experts can significantly enhance your skills in a particular craft. The words of wisdom help us understand complex concepts and provide a unique perspective on various skills in design and crafting. They also help us identify why we are passionate about our pursuits.

The following titles, chosen by our designer, goldsmith, and educator Bibi Cheung, focus on technical skills. Her journey into jewellery as a university student and new designer was supplemented by their rich information. Ranging from decorative arts to coloured gemstone identification, she believes these books are essential for anyone looking to progress in the intricate world of jewellery professions.

Seminars, workshops, and the internet are also great learning platforms. However, the tactile nature of a reference book can be used effectively in exploring new concepts and appreciating the background of jewellery design or craftsmanship. For example, photographs of constructing a box clasp with step-by-step instructions helps readers in understanding the process well.

While these books can be purchased from bookshops or e-retailers, we encourage you to explore beyond this list. What other resources have you found beneficial in your practice? Feel free to leave a comment on our blog or send us a message on Instagram to share your experiences.

Jewellery Manufacture & Repair (1990 edition)

Author: Charles Jarvis

From the publisher: As well as introducing the basic skills of metalworking, this practical guide describes the techniques of polishing, setting and finishing as well as casting various metals and repair skills such as ring resizing.

Maker comment: “This book was essential to influencing my formal and technical background.”

Jarvis Book Cover

Understanding Jewellery (1990 edition)

Authors: David Bennett & Daniela Mascetti

From the publisher: This book is unique in bringing together in one volume the identification, dating and valuation of the type of jewellery that one can buy.

Maker comment: “The jewellery bible!”

Bennett, Mascetti book cover

Jewelry: Concepts and Technology (1985 edition)

Authors: Oppi Untracht

From the publisher: The definitive reference for jewellery makers of all levels of ability--a complete, profusely illustrated guide to design, materials, and techniques, as well as a fascinating exploration of jewellery-making throughout history.

Maker comment: “My professor gifted this to me—it was 45 British pounds at the time. Another jewellery bible for its wealth of technical knowledge.”

Untracht book cover

Gemstones of the World (1977 edition)

Author: Walter Schumann, translated by Evelyne Stern FGA

From the publisher: This is truly the ultimate one-volume book every hobbyist, jeweler, jewelry maker, and rockhound will ever need!

Maker comment: “The one I have is very old. At the time it was extremely useful to my gemmology know-how.”

Schumann book cover

The Treasury of Ornament (1989 edition)

Author: Heinrich Dolmetsch

From the publisher: Beautiful book fully illustrated with black and white and color plates. Comprehensive overview of decorative and graphic styles.

Maker comment: “This book was valuable to me when I learned engraving design. I could apply many of the techniques to achieve my own style."

Dolmetsch book cover


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