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Bespoke Services

Tell us your imaginations and let us weave them into reality. Whether it is a special piece of jewellery, sculpture or interior decor, we will start a conversation with you and realise the project through a high standard of crafted excellence. Enter a world of unparalleled imagination and artistry.

1. Starting the Idea
The first step is discussing the aspects that are most important to you, often by sharing images and drawings for reference. Our brainstorm is visual and specific to make sure we will design the bespoke piece to satisfy your concept.

2. Drawings
Once you want to go ahead with the design, we proceed to draw it to meet the final requirements. Then we add colours in the drawing, continuing our conversation with you to make sure the project is moving in the right direction. Materials and gemstones will be represented in their true sizes and shapes before production commences.

Watercolour painting

3. Sculpting the Details
The painted design moves on to the three-dimensional form in wax. At our studio we take care in carving the details that capture elegance to perfection.

Wax carving


4. Lost-Wax Casting
An ancient technique, lost-wax casting is able to capture intricate designs. From the wax workpiece, we take a rubber mould may be made. This is used for detailed production of wax replicas. These are then set up on a base of wax. After that we proceed to pouring a plaster mould around the waxes. When the mould has solidified the waxes are burnt out, leaving a moulded shell (also known as a cavity). This shell is then filled with molten metal.


A piece of jewellery being polished in the workshop

5. Gem Setting
Setting is an art in itself that needs expertise to guarantee a secure and attractive finished piece. The cast piece advances to be mounted with gemstones We make sure that the stone is correctly sitting inside before tightening the fit and further polishing is made on the piece.


6. Finishing touches
The piece gets more polishing to buff out exterior scratches and bring out the sparkle. For the ultimate gleam, we give the piece a gentle cleanup, plating the surface to protect your jewellery.

For exquisite jewellery made to order, we invite you to book an appointment with us. You are welcome to share your idea for a special item that will last for years of wear or ornamental enjoyment. Get in touch with us at

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