Bespoke Jewellery by TVRRINI

If you are seeking an original design for loved ones or yourself, we are here to help you with our deep experience in creating one-of-a-kind, personalised gifts. 

bespoke jewellery services

Bespoke Design


The first priority of any bespoke design is that we actively listen to your ideas before any sketches are made. When clients approach us, they are often pleased to know that early in the process, we will ask many questions and discuss how they want a piece to look.

Every project is different. Some people bring their own gemstones for us to make jewellery from, while others prefer that we source the gemstones as well as create a complete design.

We work towards offering value at each point of interaction. Whether talking across several meetings or sharing updates in images, we are experienced in keeping clients informed about the process of their bespoke design.

Idea stage

The Idea Stage

In the idea stage, you are encouraged to discuss your concept with our head designer. Each design initially meets paper as quick sketches.

Refining the Design

We will discuss gemstones, with their infinite shades and meanings, to provide lots of inspiration for the project. By giving you choices for materials, stones, and how complex the design should be, we ensure that you feel informed and satisfied before production begins.

wax modelling

Wax Sculpting

Final renderings meet their three-dimensional form in wax. The craftsmen take care in carving the details of organic forms, capturing their individual elegance to perfection.

Photograph of metal casting at TVRRINI studio


Once approved, designs come to life as they are cast through the lost-wax casting method in silver or gold. This ensures a high-quality result that will go on to be set with stones and finished.

stone setting

Stone Setting and Polishing

Finally, the jewellery or object is set with gemstones. We complete everything by hand, then present the final piece to a client who has witnessed their dream slowly turn into reality.

Keeping unique jewellery is very much about finding what feels personal. We believe that jewellery should embody you, building on your story as an individual. If you would like to know how we may create a design for a special occasion, we are happy to help you make suitable recommendations.

You are welcome to send questions to -- please expect a reply from us within 2 to 3 business days.