Photograph showing a Nisi Vessel Pendant on an 18K Rose Gold necklace chain

Hidden gems to unearth

Browse our Nisi Collection - one-of-a-kind jewellery inspired by objects in the Greek landscape.

Meticulously sculpted rings, detachable earrings, and double-sided pendants with coloured stones waiting to be revealed.

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our craftsmanship

The artistry behind our fine jewels

We design for your self-expression. From gathering inspiration to rendering designs to selecting the gemstones for each piece, our fine jewellery is crafted to evoke your story.

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bespoke tvrrini

Delve into the world of tailored services

Are you searching for a special gift that speaks from the heart?

At TVRRINI, the sky is the limit. From personal reminders to opulent gifts, our bespoke service can make jewellery dreams a reality.

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about us

Discover the story behind our founders and values

From understanding what you want, we guide you towards extraordinary experiences with TVRRINI. Our jewellery combines exceptional craftsmanship and creative expression, resulting in designs that perfectly reflect your confidence.

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