• Nisi Series

    Handcrafted shapes with a mix of gemstones to evoke architecture.

  • Lava Series

    Combinations of vivid turquoise slices with fiery accents.

  • Kara Series

    Versatile 18K gold jewellery inspired by the rebirth of nature.

Featured video: Wax carving for the Thera collection

Featured: Rings

Nisi Ring including a faceted free form gold-sheen sapphire in 18K rose gold photographed for the 2021/2022 TVRRINI jewellery look book


TVRRINI designer rings are couture statements. Richly expressive, each creation is a mirror... 

Take a look at our studio

We breathe and live in our craft. TVRRINI jewellery comes to life through a meticulous process of designing and production. We want to share briefly how we get ideas, make them real, and bring you joy.

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