The Art of Craftsmanship: How We Bring Your Jewellery to Life

Inside the atelier of TVRRINI, traditional goldsmithing methods are the foundation of what we do. Our founder, Bibi, formed her jewellery-making skills while at university in East London, where techniques involved a high level of craftsmanship, and attention to detail was imperative. Today, we ensure these valuable methods are preserved. From concept to creation, read on to discover how we transform ideas into reality.

Interior of the TVRRINI jewellery atelier, focusing on a bench vice.

Inside the jewellery atelier of TVRRINI. 

Drawing and rendering

Design rendering is an important communication medium between the designer, jeweller and client, as this helps to minimise confusion about proportions, materials, and actual size of finished jewellery.

Depending on the style and intricacy of a design, there are two methods of rendering our team chooses. We usually paint with watercolour and gouache on paper. Sometimes, we use digital drawing tools, particularly for very complex designs that may need multiple revisions. Computer-aided design is a challenge to hand-painting, but we hope the tradition will not be lost to time.

Selecting gemstones

When it comes to the gems, we buy them from reputable gem and pearl suppliers who will cater to our requests. Much of the decision-making comes from a place of intuition. From effervescent shades to gentle tones, every kind of gemstone is a different opportunity to express one of many concepts. Some designs incorporate carved and custom-shaped stones that only add to their unique appearance. 

Tahitian Pearl farm cultured

Underwater, a pearl culturing farm thrives.

Wax carving

Our collections often start as technical drawings. Sometimes, we prefer carving the design from wax without any rendering. “Organic-looking” designs tend to be made this way, as visualising them on paper can be very different from the final piece in a three-dimensional form. With a variety of hand tools and masterful precision, we then create models from wax. The forms are refined until their shape and volume are fit for casting in metal. 

Wax models of Lava Earrings in the making at the TVRRINI atelier.

Bibi Cheung carving a jewellery design in wax.

Casting the metal

We use the lost-wax casting process to create all jewellery designs. After creating the wax model, it is cast into metal, allowing for fine details to be captured and resulting in a unique piece. To maintain our high level of quality, we then polish and finish each piece by hand.

Polishing up the surface

Once cast into metal, we finish the piece by hand in our workshop. We use polishing tools in different grades of roughness, which cleans up grime and uneven surfaces in increments. This step prepares the piece for setting, because we have to be careful not to damage the stones after they are mounted.  

Different polishing burrs on a stand in the atelier of jewellery brand TVRRINI.



Stone setting demands high precision. There is often little room for error, so we actively make sure the mount can neatly and securely hold any stones that are part of the final design. 

Setting a cabochon rose quartz into the silver ring

A silver ring being set with a cabochon rose quartz.


Our team makes sure each jewellery item is ready for presentation before sending it to the London Assay Office, who will then verify the purity of the metal and place the TVRRINI maker’s mark with a laser hallmark.   

Exquisite packaging 

At TVRRINI, packaging is as important as the jewellery itself. Our uniquely crafted pouches not only reflect our commitment to understated luxury, but also a responsibility to the planet. These pouches stand the test of time, and are an elegant way of storing your jewellery wherever you go. Learn more about our packaging.

Different packaging from the atelier of TVRRINI

Different sizes of soft pouches.


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