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Our Jewellery

At TVRRINI, we are dedicated to sustaining a respect for the craft of 18K Gold jewellery.

Our main designer, Bibi, has been working with precious metal including gold and silver for over 30 years, and she is committed to support the value that gold has had throughout human civilisation. We are conscious to use our artistic senses to refine each idea and reflect the value behind each jewel. 

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Our Production

We get inspired by a range of sources: books, museums, sound recording, and visual patterns, to name just a few. While gathering ideas for a collection, we usually sketch the initial concepts on paper. At this point, we may leave out gemstones from the idea and focus on gesture.

After that we move on to refine them over multiple drafts, depending on the collection. The iteration of a concept is important to properly using materials and minimise wastage later in production. 

Ring sizing in focus at TVRRINI studio

For each design with coloured stones and precious metals, we make sure the quality of materials can deliver ideas with unparalleled wonder. We hold gemstones to see the quality up close.  This experience of feeling the shapes and textures is crucial for our studio to uphold the level of detail that we aspire to on a daily basis.

Image of Tvrrini jewellery display with Nisi earrings

Our jewellery is made in solid 18K Gold. It will last longer than gold vermeil or plated jewellery, so customers do not need to have their items re-plated as they wear, which can lead to higher usage of toxic chemicals and emissions that come with each delivery. Solid gold jewellery also maintains a higher value over time, making them ideal for investment.

pouches and boxes

Our Packaging

Packaging is just as important as the jewellery itself. This includes making elegantly textured, gold toned bags in metallic paper boxes with a nod to the classic aesthetic seen on the streets of of Athens and Florence.

We make our pouches in high-quality fabrics, finishing each one with silver tags, grounded in the same design principles as our jewellery. Available in small, medium, case, and large sizes, they store your jewellery and also make an elegant statement that you are supporting an independent brand like ours.


Each piece is dispatched through UPSC’s priority delivery service. Their packaging tends to be made with recyclable materials that ensures each piece safely arrives at its destination. For details on how to get your order delivered, please email

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