Bibi crafting a silver and rose quartz ring

At TVRRINI, we are dedicated to crafting jewellery that tells the different stories of our clients.

Drawing and rendering 

For our collections and bespoke orders, we often use illustrations to envision the final jewellery piece. It is an important communication between the designer, jeweller and client to minimise confusion about proportions, materials, and actual size of a final piece of jewellery. In most cases, watercolour and gouache are used which is a traditional method used by fine jewellers around the world due to the ability for subtle layers to be achieved on paper. We sometimes use digital drawing tools for rendering if a piece is particularly complex and may require multiple revisions. Painting can bring out the life of a design, representing the colour and sparkle of gemstones. While CAD often takes the place of traditional jewellery illustration, challenging the patience that is required of painting by hand, we feel adamant about protecting this skill for current and future generations.


Selecting gemstones

We select the right stones for the jewellery piece in terms of colour, cut, and shape. Many of our designs embed carved and custom-shaped stones for this reason. We strongly believe every material selected for designs, from their range of colours to cuts, should drive a concept forward to express its ideas beautifully.  

Wax carving

While collections often start as technical drawings, sometimes, we get straight into carving the design from wax. The more freeform, “organic” designs tend to be made this way as envisioning them on paper can look very different to the final piece. Using a variety of hand tools and masterful precision, concepts can be sculpted from a flexible wax to create jewellery models that will be suitable for daily wear and immediately translate to the metal casting. It is a challenge we are glad to accept in designing unique pieces for the contemporary jewellery enthusiast. 

Carving wax for one-of-a-kind jewellery at the studio in London

 Carving wax for one-of-a-kind jewellery at the studio in London.

Metal casting

To make sure the stone will fit into the wax, we use traditional carving skills to create models for lost-wax casting. This process is the most effective way for us to craft the story of each piece as it can capture very fine details, although it can result in irregularities that may need further polishing for quality control. Once cast into metal, we finish the piece by hand in our workshop.


Polishing the inside of a silver ring

The cast piece is further polished and checked for the mount, making sure it can securely hold the centre stone.


With a fresh cast, the surface needs refinement, so we file, adjust sizes, and polish the surface for stone setting. This stage démanas high precision from under a visor, so that it sits evenly, neatly and safely in the centre.

Setting a cabochon rose quartz into the silver ring

The stone is set, demanding high precision under a visor, so that it sits evenly and safely in the centre.


In the United Kingdom, precious metals must be hallmarked as a legal requirement. Our team makes sure each jewellery item is ready for presentation before sending it to the Assay Office, who will then verify the purity of the metal and place the TVRRINI maker’s mark with a laser hallmark.   

pouches and boxes

 The packaging that encloses jewellery before it leaves the workshop.

Final checks

Packaging is as important as the jewellery itself. Gold-toned fabric shimmers in hand-stitched designs, a sterling silver tag placed demurely on the front. Lined inside with silk, these pouches are ideal for storing your jewellery wherever you go, also making an elegant statement. They are enclosed in our packaging once we are satisfied with the finish and quality of the jewellery. We will contact the client to tell them their order is ready for dispatch.

If a specific jewellery item interests you, or there is another way we can help you, please let us know by emailing Bibi and Katerina at

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