At TVRRINI, we are dedicated to crafting jewellery that tells the different stories of our clients.

Ring sizing in focus at TVRRINI studio

The Nisi Island Ring is hammered to size after casting.

Initial steps: the design process

There are multiple ways we use to begin a design or collection. Sometimes we generate moodboards, collecting images that fit around a concept that interests our artisans. Other times, we get straight into carving the design from wax. We have also used stones as the springboard for an idea. These different methods  let us revel in the challenge of designing unique and sophisticated pieces for the contemporary jewellery enthusiast. 

We get inspired by many sources, ranging from nature to mythology and sometimes, we look back at pictures from past travels. For historical-themed pieces, we do research to explore unique elements that will be translated into the design. Traditional media, such as watercolour and gouache, and digital drawing tools are used to render our artworks, as we see fit. We leave gemstones out of the picture and focus on the overall shape when gathering ideas for a collection.

Watercolour painting of Kara pearl pendants

Watercolour painting a range of Kara pearl pendants.

A colourful story of gemstones

We select the right stones for the jewellery piece in terms of colour, cut, and shape. There are no boundaries for colour--we believe all stones carry a story from their origins and can be fascinating in their variety of shades. We adore using rose cuts, as the beauty of imperfect facets shows off in this kind of cut. With more precision in faceting techniques, contemporary jewellery designs can make intricacy far more possible compared to decades before, and that embraces what we feel about jewellery. We use carved stones to express the story of different stories; they are meant to speak for the design. Many of our designs embed carved and custom-shaped stones for this reason.

We strongly believe every material selected for designs, from their range of colours to cuts, should drive a concept forward to express its ideas beautifully.

Gemstone selection for Lava Series, Thera Collectoin

 Gemstone selection for the Lava Series, Thera Collection, in our London studio.


Golden touch

We normally have a range of stones selected before wax modelling. To make sure the stone will fit into the wax, we use traditional carving skills to create models for lost-wax casting. This process is the most effective way for us to craft the story of each piece. Once cast into metal, we finish the piece by hand in our workshop, which  includes assembly, setting, and polishing, and more. 

Carving wax for one-of-a-kind jewellery at the studio in London

 Carving wax for one-of-a-kind jewellery at the studio in London.


Behind the thought

Another part of our design process is budget control. We keep in mind that budgets will vary, whether for the brand's collections or private client orders, and this thinking starts before any designs are final. Fortunately, gemstones and semi-precious stones are available in a variety of colour ranges, which means that clients can substitute one for another. We know which gemstones will be suitable to address different needs. Learn more about our bespoke services here.  

Our Packaging

Packaging is as important as the jewellery itself. Gold-toned fabric shimmers in hand-stitched designs, a sterling silver tag placed demurely on the front. Lined inside with silk, these pouches are ideal for storing your jewellery wherever you go, also making an elegant statement. They are enclosed in metallic coloured boxes, reflecting the historical appeal of cities like Athens. Like our jewellery, the TVRRINI packaging is grounded in principles favouring slow-made design.

pouches and boxes

 The packaging that encloses jewellery before it leaves the workshop.

If a specific jewellery item interests you, or there is another way we can help you, please let us know by emailing Bibi and Katerina at

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