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At TVRRINI, packaging is as important as the jewellery itself. Our soft pouches reflect the understated luxury we bring you and are also a responsibility to the planet. Able to stand the test of time, they are an elegant way of storing your jewellery wherever you go.

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Our packaging at a glance

Handmade in small quantities to ensure quality and minimise waste, our jewellery pouches are designed for longevity. The silk inner lining safeguards what is precious, while the leather string cord provides security. On the exterior, the gold-toned fabric and brass tag add a touch of luxury.

Medium-sized pouch next to a Lava pendant necklace and metallic pink paper box.

Frequently asked questions

What materials are used for the packaging?

We blend a mix of silk textiles to create each pouch with a luxuriously textured design on the exterior and soft woven silk for the protective interior. 

How is the packaging designed to protect the product?

The soft fabric of our pouches is a cushion for the enclosed jewellery. We have embellished it with a leather cord which closes the pouch tightly. When we are ready to dispatch an order, we place the pouch in a metallic card box and then wrap this in paper fill, a recyclable alternative to bubble wrap. Lastly, it is enclosed in a sturdy cardboard box, which provides more protection for the contents during transit. 

TVRRINI pouches in the making with samples of fabric

Can the packaging be reused or repurposed?

The durable design of our packaging means that it can be reused for storing jewels indoors or bringing with you in a handbag. It's our commitment to doing better for the planet. Beyond this, we have initiated a way for our customers to return pouches they no longer want and receive credit. Learn more below.

What is special about your packaging as part of the TVRRINI experience?

Our pouches are an extension of TVRRINI's artistry. Each of the the four size options is tailored to enclose different types of jewellery, reflecting our meticulous attention to detail.

Long TVRRINI pouch in front of metallic paper box.
    Detail of textured fabric on the exterior of a TVRRINI pouch.

    Return-for-credit scheme 

    As part of our sustainability efforts, we are offering all customers the option to return their pouches for a credit of £50 towards future purchases.

    How it works

    We want to make the logistics as smooth as possible! Keep in mind the following guidelines for successful returns:

    1. Please ensure the pouch is in good condition before you post it to us. We will not accept pouches with alterations, scuff marks, rips, or discolouration.
    2. When you are ready to return the pouch, send us an email with the size of the pouch along with your full name, postal address, and phone number. We will reply with a confirmation of receipt.  
    3. You can return more than one pouch at a time.
    4. You are responsible for covering any shipping costs.

    TVRRINI pouch leather cord detail.

    How the scheme benefits you

    When you return a pouch, you'll receive credits that can be used towards future shopping experiences with TVRRINI. You can actively support our efforts to reduce waste in a mindful way. Join our community of like-minded individuals who care about sustainable luxury practices!

    Discover exquisite jewellery and our hand-crafted packaging. If you have any further questions or require personalised assistance, we're just a conversation away.

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