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For us, 2021 marks nearly 30 years since the start of what would become TVRRINI. Our backgrounds in goldsmithing and arts cross over to design jewellery for individuals to make statements expressively. We are committed to making all pieces with ancient techniques, showing in an array of colours and shapes. Our creations evolve with people who love sophisticated, eclectic styles. 

greece photo collection from tvrrini archives 1994

My mother left Hong Kong, where she grew up, for London to proceed in eleven years of intensively studying jewellery design and metalsmithing at Sir John Cass from 1989. It was clearly a passion, as she achieved more than twenty awards for excellence in craft. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what I mean!

Her national UK achievements have been recognised by De Beers, Goldsmiths Centre, the British Jewellery Association, and David Morris.  In 1992, she launched a label carrying her name. In 1996, she graduated with a Master's of Art in Applied and Visual Culture in Jewellery.

Katerina wearing pendant from the Circle of Life collection (temporarily unavailable)

During my university days, I joined her to re-launch the business under a different name in 2017. We were both eager to start a jewellery brand with a unique blend of our multicultural influences. Initially, we gave each other inspiration about the Asian and European modern arts movements. 

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We settled on the name Tvrrini (stylised TVRRINI and pronounced "Turrini"), which hints to an ancestor on our adopted Italian side, who was a jeweller in Turin. However, the name can be freely interpreted as we get inspired by different media, including ancient Greek sculpture, Chinese knotwork, and modern British graphics. 
I come from a diverse family. My father, who was my mother's first marriage, hails from Zakynthos and they went on multiple holidays in his home country, hopping onto islands for their magnificent views and local life. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I was immersed into its unique blend Chinese and British influences that form a large part of the city's identity. This has led me to explore the different sides of my heritage and a step into curating their importance for our recent collections, including Thera.
Working in wax

Both of us art fascinated by culture. My mum, who grew up in Hong Kong during the 1970s and 80s, witnessed the height of local entertainment industries and landmarks that showed the city going through its rapid development. So, moving to London to immerse herself in British traditions has deeply influenced how she designs. I have a background in English literature and enjoy reading up on art history depending on the collections we make. Ultimately, I try to turn the details into inspiration for our storytelling. 

making of nisi photo collection

Our backgrounds in goldsmithing and arts cross over all the time. The processes of sketching, painting, sculpting with wax or metal, creative writing, and photography are integral to each other. We love to see how they mingle with each other in an organic way.

Although we make jewellery with ancient techniques, we prefer to show the work as it relates to our lives, revealing in an array of colours and shapes. Our creations are meant for people who love sophisticated, eclectic styles. 

places in bangkok photo collection

Based in Bangkok for most of 2021, we have explored nearby the older town and nearby coastal cities. A short day in Talad Noi, for example, allows you to observe a very modern mix of Thai interior design with Chinese influence alongside 20th century American ornaments. With multiple lockdowns and restrictions, however, many galleries and museums have been closed. We are eager to visit exhibitions that represent the promising visions of artists when we get the chance to visit England, Germany, and other parts of Europe. 

- Katerina

*View the education and awards earned by Bibi below*


Master of Arts – Applied Art and Visual Culture, Branding, High Jewellery Design and Manufacture
London Guildhall University (Sir John Cass)
1994 – 1996

Postgraduate Certificate with Distinction – Silversmithing, Jewellery & Allied Crafts, Branding, High Jewellery Design and Manufacture
London Guildhall University (Sir John Cass)
1994 – 1995

Extended study – Silversmithing, Jewellery & Allied Crafts, Diamond Mounting (Metal Work), Fine Jewellery Design, Precious Stone Setting & Hand Engraving
London Guildhall University (Sir John Cass)
1992 – 1994

Honours and Awards

First Prize – Fine Jewellery Design and Craftsmanship
1996 – British Jewellers’ Association (BJA)

First Prize – Fine Jewellery Design and Craftsmanship
1996 – The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

First Prize – Andrew Diamonds Design Award
1995 – Judged by De Beers Diamond International

First Prize – Corum watch bracelet design
1995 – Saunders and Shepherd’s

Second Prize – Fine Jewellery Design
1995 – David Morris Awards

1994 De Beers Diamond Engagement Ring Collection, sponsored by Boodle & Dunthorne
1994 – De Beers Diamonds International - The winning piece toured in a national exhibition in the UK, and was finally exhibited at Liberty’s of Regent Street, London.

First Prize – Fine Jewellery Design
1994 – David Morris

First Prize – Fine Jewellery Design and Craftsmanship
1994 – The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

First Prize – Pearl Jewellery Design
1994 – Jerwood Foundation

Second Prize – CORUM watch bracelet design competition
1994 – Saunders & Shepherd’s -- Bibi was invited and attended a “Celebratory dinner to mark 125th anniversary of Saunders & Shepherd”, at Goldsmith’s Hall, London.

Second Prize – Craftsmanship in Diamond Mounting
1994 – David Morris

Second Prize – Hand Engraving in Sterling Silver
1994 – Jerwood Foundation

Two designs selected for Swarovski Designers Scribble Book 1994
1994 – Daniel Swarovski