TVRRINI is beyond just a name. We are driven by the convergence of traditional goldsmithing and innovative artistry. Our inspirations span the cliffs of Santorini to East-Asian folklore. At our core lies the desire to celebrate you — your uniqueness, your strength, and your exceptional taste. 

Image of Lava Earrings on a plain background

Our roots

Our brand name draws inspiration from ancient Latin script where the letter 'U' was represented as 'V', a nod to the rich history of goldsmithing and jewellery design. Embracing the unusual, our choice to stylise "TVRRINI" represents our journey and commitment to honouring our roots while always moving forward, just as Latin evolved.

From show-stopping pendant necklaces to exquisite free-form earrings, our designs reflect this ethos: a unique blend of historical influences and creativity that represents our growth as individuals. 

Our journey

TVRRINI is a symbol of modern design and elegance, founded by Bibi Cheung. Her fusion of time-honoured craftsmanship with a globally inspired perspective has earned her recognition as a Fellow member at The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG) in 2022, a reflection of her dedication and skill. 

Headshot of Bibi Cheung

Bibi Cheung. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2023.

As Brand Director, Katerina Spinos plays a pivotal role at TVRRINI. Handling everything from product photography to directing our online presence, writing articles for our monthly TVRRINI Journal, and managing client relations, Katerina enriches our brand and keeps us connected with you. 

Headshot of Katerina Spinos

Katerina Spinos. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2023. 

In our atelier, we dare to venture beyond the ordinary. Our approach resonates with those who seek to adorn themselves with grace and sophistication. This modern aesthetic, driven by sustainability and inventive designs, sets TVRRINI apart.

What we stand for

At TVRRINI, we pride ourselves on boundary-pushing design, uncompromising quality, and the creation of timeless jewellery. Our in-house production ensures impeccable craftsmanship, and our intentional approach emphasises a minimal footprint on the planet.

    Lava Earrings in the making at TVRRINI atelier.

    Earrings from the Lava collection in production. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2023. 

    The TVRRINI arch

    The arch symbol in TVRRINI represents our philosophy, mirroring life's transitions and inspiring the balance within our work. Each piece we create narrates a story, offering more than mere beauty but a connection that sparks wonder and captivation.
    TVRRINI atelier logo

    Become a part of the TVRRINI experience. Explore collections on our website, connect with us on social media for the latest in exclusive releases and events, or book an appointment to discover our world up close. Whatever your curiosity or need, we’re here to make it extraordinary.

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