TVRRINI (pronounced 'too-ree-nee') specialises in crafting unique and visually striking jewellery. Our jewellery is influenced by numerous realms, from traditional jewellery-making techniques to intricate patterns and motifs found in art, combining Mediterranean and Southeast Asian inspirations. Starting with initial sketches on paper, which are often illustrated in watercolour, until the final piece with a textured finish, every step in the goldsmithing process is considered. By combining these elements, TVRRINI handcrafts jewellery with a distinct sense. 
You can browse and purchase our jewellery directly. We add new items to this collection every few months, so stay updated with our stories on our website and social media. 

About Us

Bibi headshot
Bibi Cheung, founder of TVRRINI and goldsmith. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2021

Bibi Cheung, the founder of TVRRINI, is a designer, goldsmith, and sculptor. She completed an MA in Applied Art and Visual Culture (Jewellery) at City of London Polytechnic between 1989 and 1996, and was inspired to start a jewellery brand during her studies. Bibi has worked with numerous brands to produce their jewellery collections and to act as a brand consultant. She has won over 20 awards from organisations including De Beers, the Goldsmiths Company, the British Jewellery Association, and David Morris. In 2022, she became a Fellow member at The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG), a UK-based organisation that supports craftspeople through forums, events, and education.


Katerina, creative content manager. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2023.

TVRRINI is also helmed by Katerina Spinos, who produces creative content and manages day-to-day activities of the studio. Exposed to her family's jewellery workshop in Hong Kong since childhood, she takes inspiration from her multicultural heritage throughout her work. She photographs our jewellery, manages our digital channels, and crafts the monthly blog articles published to the Journal on this website. Katerina completed an English degree through the University of London and is a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.

The arch

TVRRINI atelier logo

The arch is a classic design element in Italian and Greek culture, symbolising support and transitions. TVRRINI integrates this spirit into each jewellery concept, reflecting an ongoing dedication to craftsmanship and applied creativity that combines art, literature, and wearable sculpture.


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We are proudly a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.

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