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Inspirations for TVRRINI jewellery collections. Collage: © TVRRINI, 2021.


Contemporary jewellery by TVRRINI. 

TVRRINI (pronounced 'too-ree-nee') is an independent jeweller that crafts its pieces individually, with a focus on unusual shapes and striking colour combinations. The brand was originally named after an ancestor, a goldsmith from Turin. Founded by two family members from jewellery and art training, the London-based TVRRINI brand delivers 30 years of experience and stands for long-lasting design, artistic expression as well as inspiration from the surrounding world. 

Who we are 

Bibi Cheung FIPG is a designer, goldsmith, and sculptor. Between 1989 and 1996, she trained in jewellery design and making at City of London Polytechnic, completing an MA in Applied Art and Visual Culture (Jewellery). She became inspired, whilst studying, to start a jewellery brand from a love of well-crafted design. This was the seed that would grow into TVRRINI. Bringing enthusiasm and discipline together, Bibi runs by creative leadership, encouraging a youthful perspective to fine jewellery. 

profile image of Bibi Cheung

Bibi Cheung, director and master jeweller. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2021.

Bibi has achieved more than 20 awards in recognition of craft skills from organisations including De Beers, the Goldsmiths Centre, the British Jewellery Association, and David Morris. In 2022, she became a Fellow member at The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG), a UK which promotes and supports craftspeople who have demonstrated skills to excellence.

TVRRINI is also managed by Katerina Spinos who produces and oversees the brand marketing. Her exposure to the jewellery world was by witnessing her family’s workshop in action that feeds into an unconventional aesthetic. Since finishing her English language and literature degree, she contributes multimedia content to illustrate our craftsmanship and bridge communications from online to offline platforms.
Katerina wearing pendant from the Circle of Life collection (temporarily unavailable)

Katerina wearing Circle of Life Pendants. Photo: © TVRRINI, 2021.


Arched Metals

A symbol of beginning and reinvention.

As a classic design element in Italian and Greek culture, the arch means support and indicates clear transitions. Bibi and Katerina frequently revere the past for inspiration and at TVRRINI we integrate its shape into designs. The arch represents our dedication to craftsmanship and applied creativity from different perspectives.  This drives us to open-minded for the growth of TVRRINI. 

making of nisi photo collectionDifferent stages of production at the TVRRINI studio. Collage: © TVRRINI, 2021.

Love of Innovation

In 2021, TVRRINI launched a collection of jewellery pieces inspired by Plato’s Atlantis. This is Thera, divided into three series--Kara, Lava, and Nisi--reflecting the character of a contemporary mood. The jewellery is based on free-form design, while the mixed gemstones framed in 18k gold are designed to create a balance of imperfection and elegance.

Some jewellery pieces are available to order online via this website. 


Member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths

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