Front view silver sculpture depicting a winter rabbit holding a carved carnelian and tsavorite carrot in its paws, ruby eyes, fancy sapphire flowers, on a slice of agate

A look at our silver rabbit sculpture

From the intricate details of ancient Egyptian silverware to the ornate medieval European designs, silversmiths and jewellers have long been fascinated with the metal's malleability and versatility.

Close up of silver rabbit sculpture with hand-textured details
Photo: Katerina Spinos

This legacy is worth preserving. Bibi Cheung FIPG is fascinated by the way metal can describe shapes and feelings, which developed from her jewellery training to an accumulated 30 years of industry experience. It is this fascination that led the house of TVRRINI to specialise in creating fine jewellery and precious metal small works. Our latest piece is a distinctive silver rabbit sculpture. Capturing the essence of the transition from Winter to Spring, each feature remains loyal to classic metalsmithing techniques.

Looking at silver rabbit sculpture from above with a focus on the carved carnelian carrot
Photo: Katerina Spinos

Inspired by the hope that comes with seasonal changes, Bibi was drawn to the rabbit historically representing fertility and good luck, as well as their more recent association with Easter. The hand-textured fur is based on the white coat and was completed over several months. The rabbit holds a carrot carved from a piece of carnelian, which can be removed from its paws, and is decorated with tsavorites on the leaves.

Sterling silver sculpture with carnelian, tsavorites, fancy sapphires and rubies, price upon request. TVRRINI. Photo: Katerina Spinos

Sterling silver sculpture with carnelian, tsavorites, fancy sapphires and rubies, price upon request. TVRRINI. Photo: Katerina Spinos

Other colourful accents, like fancy sapphire flowers and cabochon rubies that resemble the winter rabbit’s red-tinted eyes, breathe life into the sculpture. It sits on a slice of agate, reinforcing the sense of an icy wilderness encroaching on the fringes of Spring. The challenge of achieving semi-realism in the sculpture proportions and composition show great attention to detail, enabling the viewer to feel wonder when looking at this piece from any angle.  

Detail of silver rabbit sculpture showing hallmark on the inside of the ear
Photo: Katerina Spinos


We are pleased to include the silver rabbit sculpture at the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths booth in this year’s Goldsmiths North fair, which returns to the Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield from July 7th to 9th. Along with other IPG Fellows, Bibi will have finished pieces on display and a live demonstration of design painting to show visitors that the art of precious metalsmithing and jewellery design will stay strong.

Our experience in goldsmithing and silversmithing enables people to realise their dreams of owning a highly unique, memorable piece. If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke item with us, send an email to Bibi at We would be delighted to talk with you about designs you have in mind.

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