Introducing the NISI series

Introducing the NISI series

The NISI series 

While designing the Thera collection, we were curious about physical things in Greece, from oil jars that no household can go without to rugged landscapes of the mountain regions. The contours have served as inspiration for centuries in art and design for the way they have endured beyond trends, however catchy and fleeting. 

We interpreted the legacy of Plato's Atlantis, noticing that in this story the geography was often described but there was not much about the artefacts. Were the people living there using vessels that looked similar to those of today? What was the significance of the coast to those before they abruptly lost their lives to divine punishment? Such questions compelled us to design jewellery amid a global pandemic. 

The jewellery is meant to be both imperfect while suitable for daily wear, embracing how our relationship with things can be complex. Each piece has irregular surfaces, framing hand-picked gemstones in rose gold as one-off treasures. With reversible designs and a celebration of non-uniformity, the pieces speak for themselves. 

Nisi Ring with Lapis Lazuli in 18K Rose Gold

Nisi Island Ring in 18K Rose Gold with Lapis Lazuli and Rubellite (stones and sizes vary)

Hand on Mirror while wearing Nisi Ring with Gold-Sheen Sapphire in 18K Rose Gold

Nisi Island Ring in 18K Rose Gold with Gold-sheen Sapphire and Dusty Diamond (stones and sizes vary)

Nisi Earring Set in Box

Nisi Pebble Earring Charms and Hooks in 18K Rose Gold (stones vary)

Nisi Earring display

Nisi Earrings
Nisi Vessel Pendant in 18K Rose Gold with free-form rose-cut Garnet, triangle faceted Rubellite, cabochon Moonstone and cabochon Ruby; 18K Rose Gold chain
Nisi Vessel Pendants are suitable to wear on a thick chain
Reverse each pendant with delight.

Making of the Nisi series

Tvrrini produced the pieces in Bangkok. Starting from jewellery wax, the shapes were sculpted by hand the cast with the lost-wax method.
The pieces are an expanding series, cast in 18K rose gold and polished to achieve a satin look. The irregular forms mean that pieces have to be made to order, which can be arranged with us, fitting you in the most personal way.
Making of Nisi Island Ring
Lookbook for Nisi series

Photography - Bibi Cheung and Katerina Spinos



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