Kaleidoscope: September showcase at FORGE

Kaleidoscope: September showcase at FORGE

We had an incredible time at this month's showcase at FORGE, where artistry was present in a mesmerising display.

For the theme of ‘Kaleidoscope’, TVRRINI was among 14 independent brands to exhibit a variety of designs with coloured gemstones and creative techniques. The brand showed pieces from different collections, including KaraLava, and Regal Fantasy. The display also showed pearls that we carved by hand. Our unique rabbit sculpture, comprising intricate details and sculptural artistry also received high praise.

FORGE is not a typical jewellery store. Located on the historic Leather Lane in London, it opened six months ago and is a carefully curated venue where retail shopping, education, and making co-exist. We would like to extend our gratitude to the team providing their space for display.

We also attended the Private View on September 14th, which was an opportunity to connect with jewellery buyers, enthusiasts, and other exhibitors in an informal way. You can see some images of the event below, all captured by London-based photographer and our friend FourFiveSix.


Each month, FORGE hosts an alternating showcase, displaying the highly varied individuality of designer-makers who are contributing to the UK's vibrant jewellery scene. It is located on Leather Lane, which is typically busy in the daytime, however stepping inside the gallery reveals a calm space where handmade creativity is gladly welcomed. The jewellery on display is ready to order at FORGE and from each designer directly. 

Join events and shop jewellery at FORGE, theforgespace.com

Images by FourFiveSix Ward-Tucker
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