IPG welcomes Katerina as member

IPG welcomes Katerina as member

London, February 2023 - We are happy to announce that TVRRINI’s Katerina Spinos, a creative content specialist, has been recently inducted as a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG). This prestigious organisation is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of goldsmithing and silversmithing, and its members are recognised as some of the most talented and accomplished artisans in the UK and beyond.

Katerina at jewellery bench in M7 Qatar
1. As part of a consultancy project, Katerina and Bibi visited M7 Qatar, a multidisciplinary co-working space situated in Downtown Msheireb, Doha. As well as jewellery-making, TVRRINI consults jewellery businesses in the areas of design and production.
Jewellery Show 2022 in ExCeL London
2. TVRRINI’s booth for The Jewellery Show at ExCeL, September 2022.

Katerina's inclusion into the IPG is a testament to her skills and ongoing commitment to the realm of jewellery. She has been writing all our communications and photographing jewellery pieces at our atelier for the last four years. With an eye for detail in the creative aspects of jewellery branding, she has a multidisciplinary approach to marketing and attended events such as The Jewellery Show in London. TVRRINI has over 30 years of experience and this event let us share this over two days with visitors who stopped by our booth.

As a member of the IPG, Katerina will have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to help her continue to grow as a creator and refine her craft. She will also be able to connect with other members of the organisation, sharing knowledge and ideas with some of the industry's most talented and innovative artisans.

Katerina is honoured to have been accepted as a member of the IPG and looks forward to contributing to the organisation’s mission of promoting excellence in the field of goldsmithing and silversmithing.

You can follow us on Instagram to watch the pieces we are making. Say hello to us at @tvrrini

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