Minaudière Heart Pendant on bold red and brown background

Passion with the Minaudière collection

TVRRINI presents limited edition Minaudière locket pendants to convey our precision and sense for elegance. Inspired by the romantic concept of lockets and refinement of vanity cases, each pendant transform to make exquisite pick-me-ups. 

Editorial concept

As part of the Spring 2022 photoshoot, luscious red, purple and green tones are featured against a rich chocolate cake, punctuated by handsome flowers. Shot in our studio, the images portray the sweet goodness we give to the people we love.

Sharing delicious comforts with others is often the truest sign of love. The colourful pendants make a decadent palette that stands for the art of sophistication and it is becoming more fluid. TVRRINI conveyed this idea by juxtaposing Minaudière pendants on a background that resembles water, along with a short video to present the different views.

Where glamour meets modernism

According to tradition, lockets were a way to store photos or messages from one's dearest family members or spouses for comfort away from home during turbulent times. The wearer could make their accessories even more personalised by bearing inscriptions onto the designs. Then during the Art Deco period, other accessories with distinct shapes took fashionable women to new heights of expressing their love for beautiful objects.

In France the rising production of the handbag and minaudière (vanity case) meant that women could carry their valuables with style and ease. It goes without saying they carried the grandeur of top jewellery houses. 

Display of locket pendants
Spring 2022 editorial Minaudière 18K White Gold Citrine "Heart" Locket
Open Heart Minaudière Locket Pendant

Refining the design

Sheer precision is employed to achieve the look. The shapes resemble ladies' handbags and shows a balance of colour made possible by delicate artisanship. Through an inlay technique, gemstones are cut to fit snugly within the frames while pavé set diamonds accentuate the surface with more sparkle. Pairing elegant latches with the gemstones, our intensive attention to details add a wonderful touch to the overall design.

Our beautiful pendants make rare collectibles. They feature amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, and peridot decorated with diamonds set in 18K gold. Given the irreplaceable story behind each pendant, they suit those who want excellent design that stands out from mainstream trends.

Minaudière Collection on purple background


If you would like further details on this collection, or ask about a specific item, get in touch with us. Email info@tvrrini.com 

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