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TVRRINI is a family business with two generations collaborating together. As the creative director, Bibianna received formal jewellery training from the late 1980s to early 1990s; since then, her ongoing passion for jewellery never stopped. From this technical background, with solid hand skills, as well as the creative mind behind each design, she laid a strong foundation to start up a brand with her children, Katerina and Harris. Their collective vision is to be a true creator for contemporary adornment. Here, we write about how it all came to be.

Updated on 29 December, 2021

Let’s go back to the very beginning. How was TVRRINI ‘conceived’? What skills and knowledge from your past careers have helped you launch the brand?

BC: I was properly trained as a designer and jewellery in the UK. I’m also a setter, engraver, and metalsmith. Having such varied skills made a huge difference, compared to people who only know design: it gives me the freedom to translate nearly 100% of my ideas into reality. That is what TVRRINI believes in. Apart from creativity, we are constantly iterating our technical skills as part of creating our collections.

KS: Being an English major, I’m trained to consider different time periods with a critical eye: gauging how historical events and societies change the way in which we use language. This informs how I create content at TVRRINI. The family trade is a deep influence, from bench skills to design theory, so that knowledge enables me to envision TVRRINI’s success.


The Love Key Pendant from the Regal Fantasy Collection


The Love Key Pendant from the Regal Fantasy Collection


What is different about TVRRINI as opposed to other jewellery brands?

BC: We come from a solid technical background, as well as our constant observation of today’s fashion and the psychology behind those wearing jewellery, which differs greatly compared to what people did in the past. Our exclusive sculpting techniques have become almost like a golden finger: we can communicate any shape, form or atmosphere through our pieces.

KS: Sculpting lies at the core of our design process. It is the life and energy behind each form, not a supplement.

How do you find new ideas?

BC and KS: We are always fascinated by history, time travel and the wearer’s behaviour. Combining all these renews our vision in response to today’s artistic landscape. Architecture, nature, stories around the world, poetry, music, even fabrics—the sources of inspiration are endless! With our unique technical skills, we can bring all these elements into the design process.

Firing process in Tvrrini studio workshop and atelier
 Firing process in Tvrrini studio workshop and atelier


Is there a particular factor regarding the neo-classical design of this collection that you feel represents TVRRINI?

KS: TVRRINI is a storytelling brand and the only way you can truly show the character is through sculpting. You cannot tell the visual and emotional story quite the same way through computerised procedures; it needed that organic touch. We wanted to base the aesthetic on feeling the artisan’s hands working through clay, carefully defining each detail, with elements of pre-Renaissance refinement.

The coastal life in Hong Kong and Mediterranean cities has seeped into TVRRINI collections over the years
The island of Santorini with iconic village architecture
The coastal life in Hong Kong and Mediterranean cities
has seeped into TVRRINI collections over the years

In what ways do you think that your cultural heritage and upbringing manifests itself in your jewellery design?

BC: Growing up in Hong Kong during the seventies and eighties, I had many Western influences, but I had always wanted to explore original British art in its country. At the age of 21, I had the opportunity to go to the UK to learn about jewellery design and manufacturing. European arts deeply planted itself into my creative world, while the freedom of designing as taught by many remarkable professors and cultures became a part of me.

The curves I use and the styles I pick up are always modern-classical. It’s very intricate, sometimes heavy but I simplify them to suit our modern lifestyles.

KS: My childhood in Hong Kong was very different from my mother’s. I’ve had so many influences from my Asian-European heritage—being multilingual, celebrating different festivals and exploring foreign artistic styles—which are inseparable from our spirit. Being curious about other cultures drives our ideation forward. 

Hammering a ring from the Nisi series 2021/22.

Hammering a unique ring in the TVRRINI jewellery studio

What role do you think jewellery should play in a woman's life?

BC: I don’t agree with the people saying that jewellery is only a luxury good and has no function in life. I see jewellery like I see perfume; it boosts your self-confidence to make you feel good throughout the day, and to receive admiring eyes.

Sometimes the pure feeling and psychology affects one deeper than furniture or cars. That improves productivity in your life. It’s invaluable. If TVRRINI can create this invaluable feeling to our audience, we feel that we’ve contributed something to society.

KS: I see the body as a canvas, meant to be adorned with jewellery that enables her confidence to radiate through. Jewellery makes a statement. It immediately catches the eye, not just because of the materials; also in the way that a woman interacts with it on herself.

Katerina wearing jewellery from the Nisi range

Katerina wearing jewellery from the Nisi range 2021/22

How would you describe your creative philosophy?

BC: We are ourselves, but a lot of times we want to not be ourselves and explore what we do not know about ourselves. If you are willing to first step outside, you will be amazed at yourself for those new areas you explore to become successful. Then, you slowly adjust—keeping some of the old and develop them as new interpretations.


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