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Be more observant

By Katerina Spinos

With the current rate of our global consumption, increasingly more people are becoming aware that the world could have a more sustainable future. Finding inspiration through nature is important to uphold the craft of jewellery for continual wear. To inspire you to feel replenished, I explore how to be more observant and take advantage of nature tapping into the creative process. 

Urban dwellers are prone to burnout cycles that lead to health issues if left untreated in the long term. Creators may also be drawn to such behaviours and are those in need of nurturing their energy for optimal performance. That's where being with nature inspires our creative process by taking in sensory details.

I believe travelling to green open spaces has the power to make us feel more in tune with the world in front of us, restore a sense of self, and have a more positive approach to our artistic sensibilities. That means finding more ways to live sustainably, whether that means going to local parks or stepping into lesser known areas responsibly. An observant lifestyle can leave us with a greater sense of respect for the earth and the communities that inhabit them, regardless of distance from our homes.

 Forest bathing in Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 2021.

Forest bathing in Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 2021.

Spending time outdoors

One activity to be more present is known as forest bathing. This form of therapy was coined in Japan during the 1980s and it includes strolling through green spaces as often as one feels adequate.  According to its advocates, forest bathing helps people step outside of themselves while the experience can make one feel rejuvenated during and after each session.

Our team makes an effort to access those benefits. During a journey in Khao Yai National Park, I hiked through woods and got to connect with nature on a light foot. The space, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to waterfalls, forests and animals that are distinct to the region, some that need expert guidance to locate. I recalled after spending this precious time in the woods being reminded of senses that tend to become lost while living in a big city. I felt my observant self become empowered. The experience is better with nature-loving friends who enjoy watching and breathing in the abundance of life. It's a fact that humans are meant to thrive near open green spaces.

For those of us living in cities, public parks are more accessible. When visiting wild or remote spaces is less of a priority, walking somewhere with trees that offer shade is just as meaningful to feel grounded among urban chaos. Having physical contact with plants , even those planted by fellow humans, can make a difference. 

Sculpting flowers in jewellery wax at the TVRRINI studio. 2021.

Sculpting flowers in jewellery wax at the TVRRINI studio.

Sourcing ideas

When we return from a jog or walk in the park, we may have ideas to model objects in our jewellery studio using nature as references. As a result, discoveries will ensue. Lately, we have been fascinated with mushrooms and coral reefs as they happen to be both pleasing to look at and have important roles in different ecosystems. So much of our creative journey involves a gaze at endless patterns. 


Responsible craft

We believe in showing our process so that you learn about the methods to consider how one design is materialised to suit your lifestyle. Our work relies on craft techniques such as lapidary, manual metal-forming, and polishing all pieces by hand. This keeps a human touch across each piece.

We hope to leave a sincere impact when making beautiful jewellery. As an initial step, properly measuring the metals and gemstones helps to prevent mistakes from happening. This directly relates to the advantage of less wastage. Next, we refine each idea--once approved--to enrich the surfaces with intriguing details. We are fortunate to be in a well-equipped studio, having a robust space of exploration. With various tools and dozens of artistic books archived, there are plenty of ways to keep ideas flowing on a daily basis. 

TVRRINI studio photography of Kara pendants with pearls

 Kara pendants before stone setting at the TVRRINI jewellery studio. 2021.

Trust the process

Last but not least, making a sustainable jewellery range is a challenge. It can involve significant resources that test a creator fit their resilience and getting to accept mistakes. On the bright side, we can use such experiences as a chance to improve. This is the way forward at our studio, as our team knows that embracing each learning curve to change is the reality of managing a business. 

Being more present is more than merely addressing a situation. It extends to learning through new experiences that allow you to create, solve mistakes, and respond to a constantly evolving landscape. A moment in nature is well worth the effort.

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