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Behind the Circle of Life Collection

Twelve Creatures: Ancient wisdom meets a modern edit.

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The Circle of Life collection draws inspiration from Chinese mythology, recognising that ancient tales continue to delight people of all ages. TVRRINI designed each creature to be innocent and playful, referring to the joy of discovering one’s own character in youth.




Our designers were intrigued by a myth that involves the Jade Emperor hosting a race between twelve animals to determine the astrological cycle. The most popular version shows the race as happening across the river. Although the ox was meant to be first place, it was not until seconds away from the other side that the rat jumped on his back and crossed the finish. Seeing the creature’s intelligence, Jade Emperor placed the rat at the start of the twelve-year cycle. He then evaluated the remaining creatures, and put them in order, which we know and love today.

The charm of stories being passed on by older generations sparked our imagination for this collection. Our founders’ background in Hong Kong meant that they experienced the zodiac being retold and updated within their communities. The joy of hearing a familiar tale each year makes us feel stronger ties to the heritage. It evokes possibility for reinvention, as we have explored through artistic interpretations in visual media, and increases our connection in spirit.



In this narrative, the jewellery becomes matched with humans and flora, creating surreal landscapes that invite you to think of ancient tales in a different way.

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The Chinese zodiac and its enduring symbolism in contemporary times were the inspiration for the Circle of Life Collection. The jewellery, finished in sterling silver and set with rubies, makes an allusion to amulets for bringing good luck and fortune. They can be worn as pendants on a chain, or added as charms to bracelets. 

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