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How TVRRINI is evolving for flexibility

Bangkok, the city where our team spends considerable time, has witnessed an extraordinary impact on physical establishments all over. While working from home has been regular for us, the situation has still caused us to make adjustments to daily working practices. 

We launched #TVRRINIstudio, a video series that documents the creative process of jewellery. The first video, published in April, shows how we created the custom Hollow Dish Ring, inspired by extraterrestrial life. Next up, we will demonstrate another project made in our home-based set-up, with the following video that will be shared in May.

Watch ‘Making a Ring | #TVRRINIstudio’: https://youtu.be/Yl2a6I-N3V4 

We have also learned to function on an essential set-up. The beauty of jewellery production is that it requires little space to fully operate; many of the key stages can be achieved through manual tools. What’s more, we stay alert for features on the website to make sure that your online experience from the start is friendly to use.

For those who find pleasure in long reads, we are writing a newsletter that's going be delivered every two weeks to your email inbox. It’s one way we would like to share shop updates, jewellery-related tips, and ideas on how to live with fulfillment.  When you choose to receive these letters, we hope that they bring inspiration to your day. 

Our highest priority now is to stay aware of constant shifts, while radiating optimism for our services. Global delivery remains available, however, the exact destinations are subject to change according to the advice from our courier. 

We are immensely grateful for any support shared by our family and friends, many of whom are also running independent businesses and stay afloat amidst unprecedented challenges. 

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