Introducing the LAVA series

Introducing the LAVA series

The volcanic eruption on Thera, which preceded Santorini, is among the most significant records in human history. In the Lava series, we explore the Minoan age and descriptions of wild forces in Atlantis--a myth told by the Greek philosopher Plato.

Lava Pendant I on display
Lava Pendant 1 by TVRRINI

The design process started when TVRRINI became fascinated by volcanic imagery. Around 1600 BCE, an eruption happened along the northern coast of Crete, having a colossal impact on the land that would later be the formation of present-day Santorini.

Yet, there is a peculiar connection between the eruption and Plato’s writings about Atlantis, the utopia that sank into oblivion. When its civilians rebelled against their given roles, the gods threw fire into Atlantis. The combined energy of flowing lava and intense heat caused the ground to tremble until the utopia met its inevitable fate.
Active volcano in Santorini 1994
Inspiration: an active volcano site in Santorini, 1994

It was this feeling that we wanted to imply across this series. We attached the designs to volcanic imagery, symbolic of untamed and passionate forces, keeping them abstract in forms. 

There are no clear-cut rules in selecting gemstones for jewellery. Much of it involves trusting our intuition. As an example, we pair up natural blue turquoise and pink tourmaline for one-of-a-kind Lava Earrings, exploring combinations until we find one that has a balanced harmony.

Bibi wearing the Lava Earrings and Lava Pendant I in TVRRINI editorial 2022
Bibi wears the Lava Earrings and Lava Pendant I by TVRRINI, 2022 


Detail of Lava Pendant II featuring turquoise and orange sapphire set in 18K rose gold
Detail of natural turquoise in Lava Pendant II by TVRRINI


Across these designs, we combined organic shapes with bright colours in a way that looks like they are firmly united. Our first step is using jewellery wax to create the illusion of lava running over each gemstone. When we are satisfied with the wax models, we cast them in 18K rose gold.

Harmony starts taking shape in the design at the step of the gemstone setting. The final stage is polishing, where we refine these lava-like forms to make them appear as though they just erupted into the sea.

If you have been captivated by our jewellery and wish to get further information about it, contact us. You can reach out to us on Instagram @tvrrini or send an email to

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