The story of good design

The story of good design

good design

Our design philosophy 

Approaching bespoke projects has always been special in our work. In 2010, a woman approached the TVRRINI studio with a matching pair of black opals. She requested for a set of customised earrings that would embody her outgoing nature. As many projects before, TVRRINI designers started narrowing down ideas, turning one abstract concept after another into an enduring keepsake.

Since the beginning, TVRRINI studio has believed in patience, open-mindedness, curiosity, and experiments. The studio’s passion for jewellery is carried along by a vision to refine shapes until they reach a particular standard of precision. With an emphasis on art and a strong knowledge of contemporary movements, each collection becomes an effort to be different while staying true to the core values of our designers.

See the philosophy in action with our bespoke services.

Essential qualities 

A jewellery designer should be actively involved in every aspect of their profession. They cooperate with others in producing sketches, choosing stones, shaping metal, matching pieces, overlooking the successful completion of every collection, and having a say on marketing materials that promote finished products. By having insight into the different parts, the designer may have a fuller appreciation of the whole process.

Being well-versed in product design and development is another priority. As the creative forces, TVRRINI designers stay updated on market trends, designs, and technology--all vital when creating new collections that will reflect the tastes of their clientele and delivering on time. The designer is highly involved in observing how the jewellery will be presented, ensuring all displays are culturally relevant to the audience.

The art of bespoke design services

When approaching bespoke jewellery designs, the first priority is to listen. The service is all about knowing the desired outcome inside and out, which can only be done by hearing what the client wants to include and exclude. TVRRINI commits to embed precision throughout its projects, and it is careful communication which has helped us to realise abstract ideas into wearable sculptures. This is vital to go beyond expectations consistently.

With a clear vision to embody craftsmanship at its purest, TVRRINI employs qualified and greatly experienced designers, jewellers, and artists. The current head office in Hong Kong hosts goldsmiths who craft every Tvrrini jewel with expertise for techniques. And it is direction that brings the knowledge of history combined with whimsical visions of the future. 

Edited on 30 January 2021

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