The turquoise of our Lava series

The turquoise of our Lava series

With increasing rarity due to scarcity, turquoise brings its ancient history alongside a pop of colour to jewellery.

Turquoise has long been revered for its appearance — a distinct shade of blue that can steer towards sea-green. With a recent appearance at the Jewellery Show 2022 in London, the unmistakable gemstone is core in the Lava series, and inspires the design appeal that TVRRINI brings to jewellery lovers. 

Overview of turquoise 

Colour, texture, and the prominence of dark inclusions known as matrix are the three major factors when grading turquoise. One of the earliest known turquoise mines was situated in Mada, Iran. The country's Nishapur district has long been a source of blue turquoise given names like “robin’s egg blue”, “sky blue” and “Persian blue”. As these locations grew in economic importance, turquoise from anywhere could be described with influences from these terms. 

Lander Blue turquoise displays a deep shade of blue with black matrix -- the stone is featured across the Lava series by TVRRINI

Turquoise sometimes displays a deep shade of blue with black matrix as shown in this Lava pendant crafted from 18K rose gold, accentuated by orange sapphire.

Sourcing our turquoise 

For the Lava series, we use undyed turquoise that consists of a blue and black matrix resembling that of spider-webs. It was purchased from a larger lot during the early 1980s in Colorado.  

Over the decades since, mines across Southwest America ran dry and miners shut down operations. With a shrinking number of commercially active mines in America, the effect is an increased rarity of gem-quality turquoise.

Detail of Lava Pendant featuring Lander Blue turquoise from the mine in Nevada.
Detail of Lava Pendant featuring a turquoise slice.

Enter the Lava series

Inspired by Atlantis and dramatic images of volcanic eruptions, TVRRINI presents the Lava Series. This is the essence of a bold statement. Being one-of-a-kind, the blue-orange-pink colour scheme reflects the aggressive movement in these natural occurences.

Its motif is the lava flow, manifesting in fluid shapes. The drop earrings mimic a sudden fountain with the burst of lava ejecting into an ocean. The drop can be detached. Turning it to face a different side, the design dances with life.

There are also pendants expressing the strength of eruptions. Orange sapphires, rubies and brown diamonds set in rose gold frame each turquoise slice which display prominently on a chain necklace.

Jewellery bench with wax sculpted over slices of turquoise which are prepared to enter the Lava collection series by TVRRINI
Jewellery bench with wax sculpted over slices of turquoise which are prepared (Photo ©TVRRINI)

To create the rose gold settings, we start by sculpting wax directly onto the gemstone, and work at it until the overall shape suits our vision for the design. Wax can be added to or subtracted from so it is a forgiving medium. Once the carving looks fine, the wax goes into casting. Building shapes this way means every jewellery piece will be slightly distinct.

The Lava series can be purchased from the TVRRINI online shop, which meets GDPR regulations for secure shopping.

We invite you a browse of the latest pieces featuring turquoise to dress up with. Furthermore, if you are in London, you are welcome to arrange an appointment with us to see our jewellery personally.

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