TVRRINI unveils a collection inspired by Greek mythology

TVRRINI unveils a collection inspired by Greek mythology

For us, stories from the past are a crucial source of inspiration. We introduce Thera, a jewellery collection that is inspired the myth of Atlantis as described by Plato, the Greek philosopher. 

Lost beneath the sea, Atlantis was a beautiful city built on Thera, the ancient name of Santorini that has inspired artists centuries after the original story was written. We were also captivated by Greece after travelling to see its magnificent views and local culture. Through these experiences, we kept thinking back to island life in Greece and revisited Plato's myth of Atlantis, interpreting the story through jewellery as a daily accessory. 

Divided into three series--Kara, Lava, and Nisi-- Thera is a sophisticated collection made from rose gold and colourful gemstones, designed for us to wonder through fiction and modern lifestyles. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

We will continue to introduce more pieces gradually. Learn more here.

Shop our Thera collection here.

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