TVRRINI unveils a collection inspired by Greek islands and their mythology

TVRRINI unveils a collection inspired by Greek islands and their mythology

Introducing THERA, a collection of stories inspired by Greek islands and their mythology. The vibrant jewels are delicately crafted to show our fascination with nature taking over structures. 

Inspiration behind the gems

Literature inspires us to pass on fascinating stories. We were in Thailand while coming up with the idea for a collection based on Greek mythology. Gradually, that evolved into a collection inspired by the Atlantis as described by Greek philosopher Plato.

In the story, Atlantis is a utopia inhabited by humans who follow the rule of gods. Popular versions describe how the people fall from virtue, only for the gods to witness their actions and punish them by activating a volcano until the surrounding seas consume the entire city. It sinks into oblivion and still remains a mystery.

Mixing colours and shapes

Drawing from the story of chaos, we designed three series of bold rings, earrings, and pendants crafted in18K rose gold and gemstones. It evokes the architecture, eruption, and fruitful harvest that suggest the city's 

Each design is handmade and features vibrant shapes to create an array of effects.

Initial design to casting jewellery for Thera collection

Defined revival

We show our imagination in flight as a way to turn ancient stories into creative, sophisticated accessories.

Here are the series:

Kara is all about the illusion of fruits picked from a harvest. The name translates from the Greek word for "joy" and symbolises the hope that new seasons bring, the constant cycle of life.

Lava interprets the volcanic eruption that is believed to have resulted in Thera, which we now call Santorini. These earrings connect vivid turquoise slices with fiery accents to give a sparkle to your outfit. 

Nisiwhich means "island" in Greek, combine organic and angular shapes to resemble the architecture of Atlantis. Designed for versatile styling, you can reverse Nisi pendants and earrings to wear on both sides. Rings from this series have a simplicity in their shapes for elegant stacking.

Discover beautiful gifts from our Thera Collection here.

Each design is available as limited edition only. 

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